Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We all wake up in the morning and get ready for whatever lays ahead of us
Preparing breakfast
The list goes on and on
Everybody does something different, but the point is, we all do something
The day sometimes flies by and next we know it
The day comes to an end and were laying in bed, slowly falling asleep
Yet there is some people who's days drone on
I know as a high school student I can't wait for the day to end
Just so I can get home and out of the old creaky building
Some like what they do
Some don't
And those that don't have a lot harder time getting through their day
and being happy.
There is so much misery in this world that it is hard to contradict it
Staying happy constantly is almost like defying gravity in a sense
We need help
and lucky for us, life does supply it
We all need oasis's in our life
There would be no way of getting by with those little oasis's that we hope for
strive for.
The oasis of family, of your wife/husband, of your kids
The oasis of the simple hello, friendly gesture, or high five
The oasis of Religion
Whatever your oasis is
life will always supply them
So when you are having a bad day
or just feeling down
Make a list of oasis's that you have been blessed with
and then you can create an oasis
of your own.

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